So... What is ConFurence?
ConFurence (or, the International Anthropomorphic (Furry) Convention/ Exposition, for short) is a gathering dedicated to all those interested in "furry" characters, whether they appear in art, animation, live-action films, television, comics, writing, or electronic networking. The first ConFurence, CF0, was in 1989 in Santa Ana, California. CF0-10 were organized by The ConFurence Association. Since 2000, The ConFurence Group has produced the conventions. For a look at past ConFuences (1-12), we put together CONFURENCE.COM. will take you to the most recent ConFurence information for the next upcoming convention.

Well then... What's a furry?
Hmm... tough question. Furry characters aren't necessarily "furry." They can be scaled, tailed, slimy, grimy, hairy, scary, plated, bald-plated, feathered, leathered, clawed, broad, small, or not there at all. "Furrydom" includes everything from your normal, everyday animals to aliens from outer space to vampires and werewolves to cartoon animals to mythical beasts and dragons to anthropomorphic animals. "Furry" can mean different things to different people, much like the word 'fantasy'.

So who is likely to attend?
All walks of life come to ConFurence. Whether they're black or white, blue or green, fuzzy or scaled-- err, well you get the picture. All ages are welcome! There's something for everybody.

Oh.. So what do they DO at ConFurence?
Glad you asked! There are art shows, artists, auctions, furry trinkets or objects d'art, film shows, tributes to special furry characters, special guests (see below), and special interest discussion groups (SIGs).There are dealers and publishers, games, videos, comics, costumes, filksinging, dinners, and dances, as well.

Did you say special guests?
You betcha! Here's some of our guests in the years past:

Alicia Austin (fantasy artist)
A.C. Crispin (author) Order her books online!
Larry Dixon (illustrator/author)
Alan Dean Foster (author of the Spellsinger series, among many others) Order his books online!
Frank-Kelly Freas (pioneer SF/fantasy artist)
Steve Gallaci (artist and writer: Albedo)
Dave Garcia (artist and writer: Panda Khan)
Mercedes Lackey (author) Order her books online!
Chuck Melville (artist and writer: Champion of Katara, Furkindred)
Ken Sample (artist)
Terrie Smith (artist)
Reed Waller and Kate Worley (artist and writer: Omaha the Cat Dancer)
Vicky Wyman (artist and writer: Xanadu) And more!

I got into the lobby, and saw literally hundreds of people, all there for the convention. There was a long hallway
where people were signing up and getting their free badges, fursuits walking around, and checking in. I found some
of my friends that I knew online and stuck with for the most part of the convention. Not only did we attend the
convention, but all the sights around the area as well.
The dealer's room was a spectacular sight all together. There must have been well over a hundred dealers with
everything you could think of from comics to plushies, anime tapes, autographed art, famous artists and animators
from all over the world.
Then, of course, was the Fur Dance which was something you have to attend to believe. Nowhere else had I
seen so many fursuits in one place. It was being held outside in the pool area in the midst of a cool California
summer's night.
By the time the convention was over it seemed like it had just begun, and I didn't want to go home. ConFurence
9 was the best convention that I had ever attended and I definitely plan on going back next year. It was well worth it.

--Crassus D.

Wow! So how can I join up?
Visit this link:
Everything you need to know is there.

Where can I find out more about furries in general?
Furries are all over the web! Many have websites that you can visit. Who knows, you may already know a furry in your area and don't even know it! - Home of FurryMUCK's website. (opens a new window)

The Furry Information Resource (FIR) - Furry Links and Information a new window)

Furry Resource Page - A database driven site full of links and personal homepages. (opens a new window)